Seeker: Track Your Target Without Touching Their Phone

This short article will teach you how to track the near exact location of a target’s smartphone without the need to touch it physically. All you need to do is send the target a link using the Seeker application. Seeker works by using a “fake” website visited by the mark to obtain their location.

The concept behind Seeker is a simple one. Like phishing pages used to get a target’s credentials, a fake webpage can be created to request their location, just like many popular websites do.

Seeker hosts a fake website on In Built PHP Server while using Ngrok. This phony site then asks for the target’s location permission, and if the user allows it to track their location, you can obtain the following information:

  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Altitude (not always available)
  • Direction (only available if the user is moving)
  • Speed (only available if the user is moving)

Along with the location information, you can also get the following device information without
any permissions:

  • Operating System
  • Platform
  • Number of CPU Cores
  • Amount of RAM – Approximate Results
  • Screen Resolution
  • GPU information
  • Browser Name and Version
  • Public IP Address

Note: This tool is a Proof of Concept and is for educational purposes only Seeker shows what data a malicious website can gather about you and your devices and why you should not click on random links and allow permissions such as location et cetera.

Other tools and services offer IP Geolocation which is not very accurate and does not give the location of the user. Generally, if a user accepts location permission, Accuracy of the information received is accurate to approximately 30 meters.

As a side note, the location of iPhone users can only be pinpointed to about 65 meters or so.

You can get this application at GitHub. But before you go, check out this other cool article!