How to Hack a Computer: A Very Basic Explanation

How to hack a computer” is probably the most frequently asked question by many Internet users and hacking enthusiasts. So, to address some of the common questions and doubts on the subject, I have decided to write down this article. If you are looking for information on possible ways to hack a computer, this post can surely help you out.

What Computer Hacking Means?

Computer hacking is a vast subject, and it has several different meanings. For example, when someone superficially asks how to hack a computer, it can merely mean how to break the password of a local or remote computer to gain access to it. However, hacking is not only that which involves breaking into a computer. If you go deeper, computer hacking can also include things like techniques to bypass the authentication of a system, hack Internet users, computer databases, software programs and so on.
So, to define in simple words computer hacking is a means of exploiting the weakness in a computer system or network to gain unauthorized access to its data or take advantage of it.

How Can I Begin to Hack?

To hack a computer, you need to do know how computers work and learn some basic concepts on the subject. If you are serious and passionate about it, you can take up an ethical hacking course that will help you master the skills. You can pick up a book that will teach you the concepts of computer hacking right from the basics. If you are a beginner, we recommend the book “Hacking Secrets Exposed” which is an excellent source of information to start.

What Skills Do I Need to Hack a computer?

Even though there exists a lot of ready-to-use tools and programs on the Internet, you should possess at least a fair amount of computer knowledge to make use of them. Things like the basics of the operating system, computer networks and their protocols, firewalls, and understanding of how each of these work seems necessary. If you want to take it up as a profession and want to become an ethical hacker or penetration tester, you will have to go a few steps further and consider learning operating systems like Unix/Linux and also programming languages like C, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, etc.
If you are entirely new to hacking and only have a basic knowledge of computer, you can refer freely available resources on the Internet to develop your skills. However, if you need an easy to follow guide with all the necessary resources at one place and don’t mind spending a few dollars, go for the book Hacking Secrets Exposed which is a perfect source of learning for beginners and intermediate readers.

Is Computer Hacking Legal?

In most cases hacking a computer without the permission of its owner is considered illegal. However, there are many ethical hackers who are hired by large companies and government organizations with special permissions to break into a computer in cases such as catching a cybercriminal or terror group. Sometimes penetration testers are given prior consent to hack computers so that possible vulnerabilities could be found and patched up before another hacker exploits it. In such cases, it is entirely legal to hack a computer.
Originally posted on the Cybertwist blog.